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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  September 15, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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we'll tell you what we uncovered in 60 seconds. no looking for an envelope. i have an image of my check right here. i can get a picture of the check, on the receipt. it even tells what kind of bills i put in. [ man ] you just put the bills right in. it even did the math for me. -four twentys. -a ten. -two fives. -a hundred bucks. -it's all right here. ♪ i'm done, i'm outta here. [ male announcer ] quick and easy deposits. with atms from bank of america. ♪ a new powerful beam of light is giving new hope to cancer patients. what makes this technology revolutionary and who in the bay area will get to use it first. then living on high-risk pipelines. the other bay area neighborhoods built on them. and -- it's basically playing
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russian roulette with the customers. >> how pipeline problems could happen again. one man said pg&e's records are proof that customers should be worried. >> while the loss of lives is i am measurable, there are new numbers tone on the structural damage from that deadly explosion in san bruno, more than $37 million in damage, more than 30 million in private properties, 6 million in structures and sidewalks. 30 homes were destroyed and another ten had substantial damage. >> exactly one week after their neighbor erupted to flames and sorrow, the heartbreaking process of saying their final gooz b goodbyes to those who didn't survive begins. as they mourn, an eternal watchdog group is digging up eternal proof that pg&e are
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operating on dangerous pipeline. jean looks at those claims. jean? >> an attorney who has been litigating against pg&e after equipment failures says the devastation here should not be so widespread. the ntsb issued this document in 1992 recommending to pg&e that they install automatic gas shut-off valves in their pipes. this explosion isn't the first pg&e explosion that killed and injured people. this attorney says it won't be the last. tango represented lisa nash after a pg&e pipe burst in san francisco in 2005, leaving her severely burned. he also worked on a deadly explosion that was eerily
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similar to the one in san bruno. after that explosion, they urged pg&e to install automatic shut-off valves on its gas lines. 18 years later, the valves on the transmission line that blew thursday, are manual. >> we do look at the line itself, we do look at the valves, but right now i think we're looking at each individual situation and seeing whether the manual or the automatic valve is the appropriate one. >> new documents about the pg&e line that blew are raising more questions. in 2007, the agency asked the puc for permission to raise rates to pay for work on the line that runs from el pias to san francisco. it wanted money to repair the rupture in the line. it collected the cash but delayed the work. even though pg&e documents said the risk of failure at the
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location was unacceptably high. >> why would you delay that work? >> again, we reassessed this line. we did another corrosion assessment in '09 and decided there were priorities elsewhere. >> pg&e says it plans to repair that part of the line in 2013. danko said that answer follows a deadly pattern. >> history has shown that pg&e does not clean up its act. their systems are just getting older. >> tonight senators diane boxer and feinsteen said they plan to introduce legislature on pipeline safety. the plan is to prevent explosions again, but that doesn't provide answers to see why this rupture happened. now to the east bay where we are tone. he's in pleasanton where they
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have the gas lines. they said they would look at the gas lines in the area after what happened. the main natural gas transmission line in plechton goes east to best just south of the county fair grounds. nearby are neighborhoods ask business -- and businesses in downtown pleasanton. he's glad that his local fire department is looking at the gas lines. it gives him peace of mind. >> it's comforting to know the city is looking out for our best interests. if we do have transmission lines around here, are they safe and is the public at risk? >> pg&e said last year the two riskiest pipelines are in east bay, the second highest risk a
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little west. she works in a bistro in fremont. the high-risk pipeline apparently runs right near there, a place where shoppers go every day. >> nobody knows who belongs to where, where their home is. it's kind of scary. >> the high-risk gas line snakes its way through the glimmer area of fremont near where the schools are. >> nothing something was this close to us, it would affect us in our home. >> she says she and her husband jeff and their two children have lived here for years. they weren't happy when they were shown the pipelines. >> all we can say is it's not in our front yard like it was for those people. >> we talked to pg&e to see if they could give us areas where it was high risk. they said they couldn't for safety reasons.
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a vigil amassed for 13-year-old jennifer gray, another at j.d. the vigil is thursday night and classes have been canceled on friday for the mass. a separate vigil is planned for another victim, jessica morales, on friday in daily city. in the meantime, survivors of that plas will still heading back to the devastating -- want long after he escaped that raging infer no last week. well, today bob let our cameras followed him that he once went through the rubble of what's called our house. >> it's reality now. it this starts the healing process, seeing if it goes now. my car is destroyed.
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>> it's there, this is what you have. this is what happened, so at least that those -- my heart just bleeds for them. to have you go in there and lost material items, for one thing. then you place any kind of remorse until the scale that they must be feeling right now. >> all of his possessions now sit in the back of his truck. but he says he still has what matters most: his wife, his son. blast victims will be allowed one more visit before hazmat crews take over ask clend cleane area. then it will be time to start rebuilding. and for those trying to rebuild, there is another message tone. scam artists trying to use that explosion to make a quick buck. they sent out the warning today
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for people contracting insurance help. also today, the government replaced things that were too busy, to dbris. >> i shot and killed an $17,000 reward waiting for you. he was heading home with his soon-to-be wife when he was shot several times by two men who tried to rob the couple near the bart station. they were celebrating his 35th birthday. if you have information, you're urged to call the berkeley p.d. police are also trying to pin down a gunman who shot a five-year-old girl at a san francisco playground. police say that girl was with her mother on south pacific and
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broadway around 10:30 at nilt. the mother had stepped away for a short time when she heard gun shots. she rushed back to see her daughter shot in the leg. one 17-year-old was booked on gun charges, but no one has been charged with that shooting. the girl is expected to recover. time and treatment are critical when it comes to a cancer diagnoses. in just moments, though, we're getting a world exclusive on new technology that's bringing hope to people here in the bay area. new meeting to dragnet. dress to the nines in stillettos and a t-shirt. on the cool side tomorrow in the bay area, temperatures only in the 60s. we're tracking your showers. the 49ers are in turmoil on the field but harmony in the meal room. we'll go behind the scenes with the man who feeds the 49ers.
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also, guess who? everyone coming out to see5 t he ' gitsan' wild finish tonight against the dodgers. we'll see you in a few minutes. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america.
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jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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new at 11:00, it was a deadly fare and tone an arrest in the murder of a taxi cab driver in the bay area. a tip led them to donnell webster in stockton today. another suspect was arrested in washington. both of them are accused of murdering a cab by while he was sitting in his cab. nine people were killed and dozens more wounded when israeli soldiers stormed that flotilla back in may. tonight the bay area activists who were on that flotilla were back outs in the water organizing a cruise in the bay around sausalito. their aim is to raise money for a second flotilla. the group believesherey' violating the rights of gaza by add hee
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ad hearing -- adhering to that. others are being planned across the country. the group is hoping to save $37,000 to buy a boat. they're hoping they'll make their city streets safer for students to walk to school. they were able to get some. that money sin enough, though, to build the 9.7-mile road, but, they say, it's a start and the project should be in in three weeks. a palo alto company is now helping cancer patients right
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here in the bay area. >> they are my badge of courage. >> she recites a poem she wrote while receiving radiation. the blue dot she refers to are little campaigns the girls get to stick to mark their tumors. >> when you words, you have cancer, are spoken to you, time stops. >> mccollum was diagnosed with breast cancer 11 years ago. while radiation saved her life, since then technology has come a long ways. sdplz is that how we see some treatment delivered even five to ten years ago. what the latest in radiation therapy looks like. it's called trui think it's that
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thing. >> this is the state of the art machine, and by the. >> the patient lie on this moving platform while the arms of the razor meep while, dr. coop that he wants back. until we actually hit the targ they're trying to get. . rather than do the treatment over five or six weeks. >> but even as technology improves, there are some things that remain the same. >> with this new machine, people, before they had that treatment, will be kept in the blue dots. >> and they will proudly wear
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them, too. mark box. vic i lawrence, bay area news. >> stafford hospital started using that acre are hard to reach. they oftentimes have vin in your light across the pay area. tomorrow at 11:00, we see how much. bleez, just met it with everybody had ran against. why sh. and she investigates it all. what does she cover, plus how am do you recall. we're going to have that much check into the forecast.
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we woen be delivering any of that unvi. how does we want an array of colors. we were able to get in on some fashion and san francisco and. that would vp a little bit of heat below avrm. we'll continue to stay while in basement, second may it drop to the lane and the 50s here. we'll talk about low 50s in the typical and sun ner. it's still going to be offshore, but i matd so our candidacy.
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let's z out. we'll already see some digs with the niz, but it's rather this one out here, some 900 pope still mentioning. we are driving. the ford from. and then as we head in. we're arpd a ten of an irchl. we need to. there's for a big rain ooemp, but it has certainly added character for the bay areas. no shifted, mostly sunny and low 60s. we'll start off with cooler temperatures here across the peninsula and also the south bay
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with only 52. tomorrow slightly below average. as we have been mentioning, it has been a wild and wacky summer for us. san rafael actually had the coolest august on record ever. unbelievable. you sleep in the four models, and also 37. i'men going to stay on the record in cape he will. >> skarts and early sunday morning. then as be splip over the calendar to wednesday and fall, it's going to feel again, so maybe we use that. >> we had a wacky summer. >> xtne,ne the stilettos and t beauty bandit.
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michael jackson's mother is suing concert promoter aeg live, accusing the company of causing her son's death by failing to provide life-saving equipment and adequate medical supervision as he prpds fprepared for his concerts. dr. murray faces a trial of manslaughter. murray says he was hired by the
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company to be jackson's ferpersl physician, but that jackson died before signing that agreement, making it non-binding. a robber dressed in drag. a man in a mini skirt, stilettos and a whole lot of pink robbed a shell station and attacked a woman just after 9:00 last night. investigators say there was another incident back in january where a person dressed in drag robbed a bank. last night's cross-dressing bandit apparently forgot to complete the whole on utfit wit gloves. which star had a baby boy this morning, and did he show up for work tonight? >> joe montana literally letting it li now. we're back in a mommy.
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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so i guess they're passing out cigars for the giants? >> thaet's right, there is no p alternate leave for the giants. hoffman's wife had a baby tonight. hoffman showed up for work tonight. a lot of people showing up. melissa miller, big facebook model. joe and jennifer montana, they live in the millenium building right across the street. great pisk again between the bandit it and several right in the middle of broken ache. it scores cal vinces in china.
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play at the plate, here comes aubrey huff. he is safe. that is the new father. go home and kiss the baby. jint giants win it 2-1. they are just right here on nbc bay area. the rays tonight after a cahill allowed six runs in five innings, four of them right here. if though elude the games and the series about 236 what soleout rpgs. i thought we were making a mistake that we western playing loose. guys western cutting it right.
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get them back to. jason campbell at nightmare today. no one-results that took dirchtsz in the reason area. h his. these saneer cats today reintroducing kech and has been in examine next take twoorp a four legal title it get it growing again. and see and weapon the fans having. no word is on santa clara.
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when we come back, it takes an executive chef and his crew of miners, probably new to home. >> bulbous 19 poin can earn. we earn too much -- there is school lunch banking with criminal lap act 11:she shun be tell you. >> come on. the first dom bat scared fa selt in jid.
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we got a kick out of this story. they might be turmoil on the field but it's smooth sailing for the 49ers in the meal room. team headquarters in santa clara, this is where it all happens. executive chef chad mcwilliams. he and his staff of ten cook three meals daily for all the players. chicken, pasta, steaks, cookies, veggies, you name it, they got it, yes, for free. >> every day is a different day. we have different proteins, different soups, just different things every day. >> i haven't had a bad meal here. the variety and everything is just phenomenal. actor/


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